Ho Chi Minh Airport Fast-Track, VIP service


On the biggest holidays of the year, it is an opportunity for people from up and down the country to find each other. Most airports in the North such as Noi Bai, in the Central – Da Nang, in the South – Tan Son Nhat have to prepare many plans to support passengers for domestic flights. The passengers are expatriates working in luxurious, developed, and modern urban areas, but in their hearts, they always return to their homeland. Therefore, major holidays are occasions for them to return to their homeland, and visit friends and friends….

Along with those journeys are the preparations and long-term plans to visit relatives of those who want to return to their homeland. For transport units, it is necessary to have a specific plan to serve and share these peak times.

With different conditions, passengers can choose convenient means of transportation to travel by car or airplane.
To meet the needs of airlines such as Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific, and Bamboo Airways, they often have stimulus tickets, and cheerful tickets to have good tickets to meet customers’ needs.

Tan Son Nhat Airport has actively offered many service options to meet the high number of passengers. Ensure aviation security and order, strengthen forces, coordinate with relevant units to closely inspect, review and supervise public areas, avoid disorderly conduct, and threaten safety at the port. Work with State management agencies, aviation companies, and ground service companies to ensure exploitation. Proactively review infrastructure, processes, and plans, and develop plans as well as scenarios to deal with unusual problems. Check and maintain technical systems, and ensure ready-to-operate features of the equipment. Review and commit to the number of passenger transport vehicles, like service vehicles according to business capacity Increase service quality.

Although there are many passenger support facilities and services that are performed quickly, according to the actual experience of many passengers who have taken many flights. Passengers still expect to have a priority policy during this peak season.
To meet that need, we have enough elements to arrange Fast-Track service for our customers at Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, and Noi Bai airports.
This is a service to support passengers when there is not much time to check in at the airport in the shortest time. For elderly guests who do not know the process and procedures at the airport or for those who need help. We have dedicated guide staff to welcome guests and make procedures for guests quickly and smoothly.

Fast track service is a service that helps passengers to expedite airport formalities and procedures such as immigration, security checks, and customs processing.

Fast-track services can be arranged through the airport or through third-party service providers before the travel date. These services can be personalized according to the passenger’s needs and preferences and can include:

1. Meet and assist: An airport representative greets the passenger at the entrance or meeting point and escorts them through immigration and security.

2. Exclusive lounge access: Passengers can enjoy lounge facilities that offer comfort and convenience while waiting for their flights.

3. Personalized transport: A private car or luxury vehicle can be arranged for transportation to and from the airport.

4. Express check-in and baggage handling: Fast-track passengers are given priority for check-in, baggage drop-off, and retrieval.

Fast track services can save time and reduce stress and are especially useful for passengers in a hurry or traveling through busy airports.

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