Mekong Delta Travel

The Mekong Delta Travel is the southernmost region of Vietnam. The Mekong river is so large that it has two daily tides. At low tide in the dry season, boats cannot even move through the shallow canals.

The majority of the mekong delta is crisscrossed by a system of canals and river. Just like nature, people lives here are also attached to the waterway, many making their homestead on the water surface. The primary means of transportation in Mekong Delta is small boat, which is also the best way to cruise through the region.

Mekong delta small boat

Mekong delta small boat

Mekong Delta dubbed “biological treasure trove”, Mekong Delta is home to some 10,000 species of fauna and flora. From mangrove forests to floating markets, Mekong Delta is a unique place to uncover the hidden charm of Vietnam. Come and experience a different walk of life, to savour the coconut-based food and sweets, and to ease your life off a bit as you listen to a traditional “ho” verse.

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