Taste Of The Night

Off the beaten track we go!

Safely sit tight on the bike, our local English speaking guides will kindly take you through the maze of Saigon to seek for the real authentic local food. Some you may not even find in your handbook! Vietnamese street food is incredibly diverse and it is literally everywhere, but our guides know exactly where the good and authentic ones are because they, themselves, are also eaters.


Bánh Căn & Bánh Xèo: one of the most popular street food in Vietnam served with 3 different kinds of fish sauce. Here our guide will teach you how to eat it in the right way and in Vietnamese way!

5:30 pm, your personal English speaking guide will meet and greet you at your hotel or your specific place. You will then receive safety instructions on how to ride on the back of a bike properly in order to ensure the safest experience.

The first part of our tour features two diverse “street vendors” where you will get to taste the most specialised dishes, that they offer and learn about the history and cultural significance of each dish.

You will probably get full at this point. Therefore, we will slow down to see the nightlife of Saigon, to experience the atmosphere what it is like to be a Vietnamese. Here, you may experience some snacks that we, the Vietnamese, all fall in love with.

Next, the guides will take you to experience the most popular Vietnamese food traditions: “The Street Barbeque”. Here, you will have a chance to fill up your stomach with the famous local dishes, which will make you wish for another belly.

After all, let’s sit down and relax with the sweet soup dessert, totally in Vietnamese style.

10:00 pm, we will drive you back to your hotel and we wish you have a good trip in Vietnam!

  • 4.5 hrs tour on motorbike
  • Accident insurance
  • Personal English speaking guide
  • Pick up and drop off at hotel
  • Helmet and rain poncho
  • 03 food stops, BBQ, desert, drink (local beer, soft drink)

Sample Menu

Saigon offers lots of food that you and we will never discover them all in such a short time. The food we are offering were collected after lots of research and field trips just to make sure that these are something you cannot miss during your stay!

Down here, it is the SAMPLE MENU but what you will have may not be the same and will NOT cover all of these. Still, we ensure with what we offer, you will be amazed!

1. Banh Mi Thitsaigon food tour
Crispy Bread, Sliced Pork Sausages, Shredderd Pork Floss, Fresh Pate, Pickled Carrot and Cucumber.

2. Bun Bo Hue
Hue style (hot and spicy) beef rice vermicelli soup with lemongrass and pork

3. Bun Thit Nuong
Grilled pork (often shredded) and cold vermicelli noodles over a bed of greens (salad and sliced cucumber), herbs and bean sprouts. Also often saigon food tours bun bo hueincludes a few chopped up egg rolls, spring onions, and shrimp. Served with roasted peanuts on top and a small bowl of mixed fish sauce

4. Hu Tieu
Chinese or Cambodian noodle soup traditionally consisting of rice noodles with pork broth

5. Pho
Noodle soup served with various cuts of beef and onions.Often eaten with basil, mint, lime, and bean sprouts

6. Banh Khotsaigon food tours banh cuon
A southern specialty consisting of small, fried rice flour pancakes

7. Banh Cuon
Rice Crepes stuffed with minced pork and dried shrimp topped with blanched bean sprouts. Served with sweet fish sauce.

8. Lau – Hot pot
Spicy sour soup with assorted vegetables, meats, and seafood

9. Barbecue
Vietnamese style barbecue with pork, beef or seafood

10. Dessert
Lots of Vietnamese sweet soups, tropical mixed fruits, and jelly

And many more of them!

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