Tra Que Herb Village

Looking to escape the bustling city? The Tra Que vegetable village is a quiet, tranquil and lush green farming area. Lined with neat rows of planted herbs and vegetables. A far cry from the busy streets and incessant horn-honking just around the corner.

Although relatively small in size, the Tra Que organic garden is hugely important and well-known in Hoi An. Specifically for producing the highest-quality vegetables thanks to the special techniques used.

Visitors are free to meander through the peaceful, picture-perfect village. Weaving in and out of the small paths around the allotments while breathing in the fresh, sweet smells.

A handful of eateries are available for guests to sample dishes made with renowned herbs and vegetables. Accompanied by views to catch the occasional glimpse of working farmers. For a full itinerary and experience, many tours offer cooking classes, water buffalo riding, farming lessons, bicycle tours and more.

Hidden looks into the history of the Tra Que vegetable village. How to explore it either on your own or as part of a tour.

How to get to Tra Que Herb Village?

  • Tra Que Village is on the way for day trip from Danang to Hoi an. It is quite easy to get there. Bike, taxi and motorcycle.

It’s great idea for

  • Family, Couple
  • Best time to visit: from 7:30 to 17:00

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