Private Car Ho Chi Minh City to Long Tan Nui Dat

Car hire Ho Chi Minh to Long Tan, Nui Dat

Car rental Ho Chi Minh City to Long Tan, Nui dat tour is one of your best choice for your safe trip and budget so much with our service.
Stopping en route to see some famous battle sites such as the Long Tan Cross, the Horseshoe, and the Long Phuoc Tunnels. Visit Nui Dat (SAS Hill) and the Ba Ria Orphanage.

car rental saigon to long tan nui dat

car rental Saigon to long tan nui dat

We always try to find some of the local Vietnamese veterans who fought in the remarkable battle of Long Tan. Although extensively documented by the survivors of Australia’s heaviest engagement of the war, little is known of the Viet Cong’s actions and ultimate defeat at the hands of an enemy that heavily outnumbered them.

Many of our clients found that bringing the former protagonists together with a good interpreter and some bottles of rice wine while visiting these places is an unforgettable experience for both sides!

Tour itinerary:
Our first stop is the sight of the former Nui Dat Task Force Base (Nui Dat SAS Hill). Little remains of this camp except for the columns of the main gate. The former runway is now a wide street in the local village and the old helipad is now a soccer field. A school established by the Australians is nearby.

Later, we drive past the location of the Horseshoe (access not permitted these days due to mining activity) to the Discourtesy Rubber Plantation. Visit the Long Tan Cross Memorial. Later on, we transferred to Ba Ria town for our lunch. In the afternoon, we visit Ba Ria Market and go back to Ho Chi Minh City

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