Ba Na Hills

It’s not wrong to say that Ba Na is known as the “green lung” of Da Nang City. Because this is the only place that can bring visitors cool climate, fresh and feel great 4 seasons in one day.
Ba Na Hills is an attractive tourist attraction of Da Nang city. If you are embarking on a plan for Ba Na Hills holiday, refer to the following article about Ba Na Hills. – Origin Vietnam will “tip” you all the wonderful travelling experiences.

How Ba Na Hills is Unique?
Ba Na Hill Resort is one of the many destinations that you definitely can not miss when going on a Da Nang tour. For a long time, this “hill” has been considered as “the trump card” that attracts thousands of visitors to Da Nang each year. With beautiful sceneries and many attractive games, Ba Na Hills promises to bring tourists many exciting experiences.

Overall picture of Ba Na Hills:
Ba Na Mountain is located in Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District. It is about 40 km to the West of Da Nang city center. Ba Na’s tourist center is located at the peak of Mount Chua, 1489 meters above sea level. Ba Na ecotourism area attracts visitors with beautiful natural scenery. And the climate is always around 17-20 degrees Celsius.

History of Ba Na Hills:
This Ba Na Hills resort was discovered by the French in the late nineteenth century. They have built here many large villas, sports grounds and a range of restaurants. The name “Ba Na” came out due to the fact that the area in front of this place is full of bananas. For nearly a century, war and time have made this place gradually desolate. Yet, since the end of the twentieth century, Ba Na Hills has been woken up with the efforts of local authorities and people there. This scenic area is being upgraded and expanded. Previously, if tourists wanted to climb to the top of Ba Na Hills, from the last parking lot, they might have to climb 282 stone steps. Now, when going on tour Da Nang, it is much easier to climb to the top of Ba Na Hills thanks to cable car.

Amazing weather in Ba Na Hills:
It is so wild and majestic! Here tourists will forget about the current world because of the fascinating scenery. A day seems to be divided into 4 distinct seasons. In the morning, the climate is cool because of mountain dew. At noon, it is perfect time to enjoy the sunshine of the summer in the cool air. The afternoon is the moment of autumn. And then winter comes to a romantic evening by the flickering light of the wine festival of ethnic group.

If this is the first time in Vietnam especially in Ba Na, you will be surprised since Vietnam has so many fascinating landscapes.

Road to Ba Na Hills have many slopes and folding twists. However, those twists are the turning point appearing behind the clouds. That’s what makes visitors feel excited. The paintings of nature appears right in front of visitors’ view with the forest trees, rivers, streams and waterfalls … All are interwoven with the sound of the wind and the murmuring water flow.

When traveling to this place, visitors will have chances to discover Chua mountain, Vong Nguyet hill, Nai stream, Mo Stream, Da Stream, Tranh Cave or Ba Temple. From the top of Ba Na Hills, visitors can see a large area from Da Nang to Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son and Hai Van Pass …

In Ba Na Hills tourists can also start the journey from mountain to sea with a distance of approximately 40 km. There are beautiful beaches like Xuan Thieu, My Khe, Bac My An. There is nothing more interesting than enjoying the natural scenery from Ba Na hills.

Ba Na Hills is ideal to watch the sunrise or sunset. At the foot of the mountain, dawn is breathtaking when the horizon has six different colors. Then the clouds came to just in a flash to cover all the surrounding. This make tourists feel even more excited. Like they are standing in the clouds.

Ba Na Hills, also known as Ba Na Mountain, is located in Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District. About 30 km southwest of Da Nang City. This is a tourist destination Da Nang is rapidly completed and developed into a famous resort to attract travellers.

When is the best time to go to Ba Na hills?
Ba Na tourist area is located at an altitude of 1487m, the climate is cool all year round. And the average temperature in the summer is about 18 C – 20 Celsius. Especially in Ba Na one day there are 4 seasons: morning sunshine spring rain, afternoon sunshine little afternoon, the evening will be cold autumn and winter freezing.