Nam Nha Pagoda

Nam Nha pagoda, constructed in 1923, following the French architectural style, is located at No. 612 Cach Mang Thang Tam street, Bui Huu Nghia ward, Binh Thuy district. Nam Nha pagoda is also called Nam Nha Duong or Minh Su pagoda because of following Minh Su religion. The Pagoda is surrounded with many green trees and dreamlike river and water landscape to create a peaceful and silent space. In the resistance war against the France, Nam Nha pagoda was the base for Dong Du movement in CanTho started by Phan Boi Chau to fight against the obscurantism policy of the France at that time. This was an important link between the Party organizations in Can Tho in the first years of Vietnam Revolution. Nam Nha pagoda was recognized by Ministry of Culture and Information as a national historical relic in 1991.

The pagoda was built by Nguyen Giac Nguyen in 1895, according to Minh Su sect, it was also called Minh Su Pagoda. The precursor of this place was a chinese herbs drug store called Nam Nha Duong, later rebuilt and renamed Nam Nha Pagoda, is a place of worship and a headquarters of Dong Du movement (1907-1940 ). In the period of resistance war against the French, the pagoda became famous as a place to practice and nurture the patriotic movement and to produce intellectual class with patriotism and indomitable spirit against invaders. Over time, the pagoda today is no longer the grandeur of the past, but one of the few ancient buildings with intact value. The pagoda consists of three main areas: the house of Chinh Dien, the house of Dong Lan and the house of Lan.

The Main Hall is a place for worshiping, including three bronze statues of Buddha, besides the pagoda, the pagoda is kept relatively large and rare, especially wooden tables and chairs in the temple with carved lines. exquisite illustrations of the Southern past. In front of the pagoda gate, the three words “Nam Nha Duong” and 2 sentences on the two sides of the gate are hidden like the shadow prints on the banks of the Binh Thuy River, the more the village becomes more and more tranquil tranquility of the temple. Unlike pagodas in our country, Nam Nha Pagoda is only vegetarian, does not shave its head, does not wear tan, and takes the practice of moral virtue as a guideline, so the atmosphere in the temple is always simple and close.

Try visiting Nam Nha Pagoda not only for pilgrimage to the Buddha, admire the ancient beauty of the pagoda, but also to better understand the revolutionary activities of our father, better understand a fierce resistance period. , like an indomitable epic that goes into the history of nation and country.

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